Online Travel Guide To Andros Island Bahamas

With an abundance of clear waters and lush forests, Andros lures sailors and nature-lovers to explore. The North, Middle, and South Bights run through the island, separating Andros into sections: North Andros, Central Andros, South Andros, and Mangrove Cay. Most start their sail from Nicholl's town in North Andros, and then cruse around the island to other places such as Mangrove Cay, Congo Cay, or even Nassau. A mile from the east shore sits the Andros Barrier Reef, the third largest reef in the world, measuring 140 miles. Within the reef, waters measure 6-15 feet and teem with marine life a scuba enthusiast's dream. Enjoy some great fishing in the surrounding waters right off the side of your boat and don't miss sailing around the north to Morgan's Bluff, where rumor has it that the infamous 17th century pirate Morgan buried his treasure. Find charter sailboats starting on Andros of the Bahamas here, or read more at the Sailing Charter Caribbean site for general information, especially for the first time trying a tropical sailing charter including an article there just on charter sailing from the Bahamas. Those wishing to charter sail around Andros may prefer to rent their boat from another Bahamas island sailing charter location or Florida.

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