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Andros, the largest Bahamian island, and mostly unexplored, offers a mysterious and compelling attraction to nature-lovers, fishing enthusiasts, and adventurers. At 100 miles long and 40 miles wide, Andros reigns over the Bahamas archipelago in size. Though seen as a single island, channels, creeks, lakes, cays, and bights (large bays) decorate Andros. The North, Middle, and South Bights run through the island, separating Andros into sections: North Andros, Central Andros, South Andros, and Mangrove Cay. Boats and ferries make for easy access between each landmass.

Tourists often choose to stay in North Andros, the most populated and developed area on the island. Nicholls Town offers a variety of lodgings, restaurants, and shops, including places for fresh groceries. Rumor has it that the swashbuckling 17th century pirate, Henry Morgan buried his treasure on Morgan's Bluff, located to the north of Nicholls Town Conch Sound lies south of Nichols Town, a bay great for swimming and fishing in.

Andros Town stands to the south of Nicholls Town, a small village known for producing Batik fabric. The brilliantly dyed fabric represents a Bahamian tradition and art. Visitors tour the factory that makes this fabric and even take lessons on how to make it. Other fun activities include scuba diving and shelling.

In South Andros exists a quiet and beautiful area: Congo Town. Enjoy some great beaches there, mostly isolated and lined with palm trees and colorful conch shells. Nearby, Mangrove Cay lures fishing enthusiasts and naturalists. Divers frequent these great spots to explore the underwater wildlife.

A mile from the east shore sits the Andros Barrier Reef, the third largest reef in the world, measuring 140 miles. Within the reef, waters measure 6-15 feet and teem with marine life, ready for exploring.

With its abundance of lush forests and clear waters, Andros makes a veritable paradise for nature-lovers and fishing enthusiasts. The calm beaches and friendly towns offer solitude and quiet fun, a place to truly escape and relax!

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